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DATA Pill #087 - 2024 predictions and 2023 recap


14 DevOps and SRE Tools for 2024: Your Ultimate Guide to Stay Ahead | 8 min | DevOps | Eduardo Messuti | StatusPal Blog
Dive into some of the most promising tools that are shaping the future of continuous integration and deployment, monitoring and observability, infrastructure/application platforms, incident management & alerting, security and diagramming.
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The Top 6 Business Intelligence Tools For 2024 You Need to Know | 6 min | BI | Joleen Bothma | DataCamp Blog
Business Intelligence is crucial for extracting valuable insights from the rising tide of big data. As businesses increasingly adopt BI tools, this article introduces some of the best options, focusing on their beginner-friendly features.
If LLM’s did not exist. ML innovations in 2023 from a data scientist’s perspective | 12 min | ML | Adam Cierlik | GetInData | Part of Xebia Blog
LLM definitely dominated 2023, but what about other interesting innovations in the machine learning area?
  • Evidently AI
  • Giskard
  • Pandera
  • PyGlove
  • aeon
and many more.

Find out what kind of interesting things appeared in the past year.
Snowflake’s 5 Next-Gen Features: A Sneak Peek into 2024! | 6 min | Data Engineering | Tom Bailey | Personal Blog
Insights of Snowflake’s functionalities and the transformative impact on Snowflake's identity, positioning it for a groundbreaking 2024.
Future of Data Streaming — A Look at 2024 | 13 min | Data Streaming | Tim Spann | Personal Blog
The latest trends shaping the data streaming industry in 2024, covering everything from the fusion of AI and edge computing to enhanced security measures and a focus on sustainability. The text anticipates advancements in real-time analytics, providing a real-life glimpse into the exciting future of data streaming.
2024: Year Of The RAG | 4 min | AI | Alden Do Rosario | Predict
The transformative potential of RAG, likening it to refining oil for a more robust and beneficial impact, and identifies the three winning categories of 2024: No Code Systems, RAG APIs and Workflows, emphasizing the accessibility and efficiency of implementing RAG-based solutions for both technical and non-technical users.
The Future of Data Visualization: 2024 and Beyond | 7 min | Data Visualization |
This article explores the future of data visualization, covering key trends and predictions for 2024 and beyond. It examines the role of AI and ML in automating data analysis, the surge in real-time visualization and the growing use of immersive techniques. Additionally, it emphasizes the significance of data democratization and tools for non-technical users to understand data efficiently.
MLOps roadmap 2024 | 6 min | MLOps | Vechtomova Maria | Marvelous MLOps Blog
Essential skills, from programming and containerization to Kubernetes, and exploring MLOps components like version control, CI/CD pipelines, orchestration and feature stores
This article explores practical strategies for building a strong CI/CD pipeline for Machine Learning, aiming for near-complete automation in retraining and redeployment models. While acknowledging the evolving landscape of machine learning, the focus remains on consistent core principles in model deployment.
The Ultimate Guide to Vector Database Landscape — 2024 and Beyond | 19 min | Gen AI | Madhukar Kumar | Personal Blog
Explore the three categories of Vector stores - Vector Libraries, Vector-Only Databases and Enterprise Databases with Vectors - providing developers with insights into building generative AI applications at an enterprise scale, focusing on RAG and semantic search.
Unveiling the Crystal Ball: 2024 Data and AI Trends | 25 min | Data and AI | Rajesh Parikh and Sanjeev Mohan | Personal Blog
In this document, instead of predictions, Rajesh Parikh and Sanjeev Mohan explore the top technologies that are posed to capture our attention in 2024 with a particular emphasis on those that could emerge in the coming year. You should use it as a guide to identify priorities and prepare your organizations to pick the right bets.


The Hottest Open Source Projects Of 2023 | Takes time to read | Aymen El Amri | Faun Developer Community
In today's ever-evolving tech landscape, staying updated with the most impactful tools can be challenging. Dig into the text and find out more about them.
Top 10 Platform Engineering Tools You Should Consider in 2024 | 7 min | Platform Engineering | Romaric Philogène | Personal Blog
Great tools for Automate Infrastructure Provisioning, Secret Management, Monitoring & Logging and more.
The Engineering Lead’s Best AI Tools for 2024 | 9 min | AI | Alex Omeyer | Personal Blog
In this article, from a wide range of available tools, Alex is casting the light on 12 of the best AI tools and AI software for software engineering teams to embrace, including…

  • 4 tools for the SDLC
  • 5 tools for shipping code
  • 3 productivity tools


EMEA Virtual Experience | Webinar | 18th January
We look forward to your participation — this is an event you won’t want to miss.

  • Learn how to develop generative AI applications on your data without sacrificing data privacy or control
  • Learn about our continuous efforts to enhance the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform for data engineering, streaming and data warehousing, covering serverless experience, performance, workload management and user experiences
  • Explore cutting-edge data, analytics and AI governance with Unity Catalog and deep dive into fine-grained governance, automated data lineage, and ML asset governance
  • Discover ways to empower everyone in your organization to uncover insights from your data using natural language.
In this webinar, you will learn about the crucial criteria for finding the right match. You will learn the process of selecting a BI tool in a way that ensures your users are seamlessly onboarded, fully aligned, and satisfied with the final choice.
Real-Time Data to Drive Business Growth and Innovation in 2024 | Data Streaming | Webinar | 31st January
In the digital world of 2024, working with real-time & streaming data is not just an option anymore, but a must. In this webinar, you will be able to discover real-world use cases, success stories, and the tangible benefits that leading companies are experiencing by adopting a data streaming approach.
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