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DATA Pill #111 - Stream enrichment with Flink SQL, Ray Infrastructure


Video annotator: a framework for efficiently building video classifiers using vision-language models and active learning | 6 min | Machine Learning | Amir Ziai, Aneesh Vartakavi, Kelli Griggs, Eugene Lok, Yvonne Jukes, Alex Alonso, Vi Iyengar, Anna Pulido | Netflix Tech Blog
Read about a framework that leverages active learning and large vision-language models to streamline the annotation process, empowering domain experts and enhancing model efficiency.
Unlocking Business Value and proving the value of data teams | 7 min | Data Engineering | Robert Sahlin | Personal Blog
In this blog post, the author discusses the necessity for data teams to prove their value in today's economic climate, the importance of productionizing data, and practical steps to support operational use cases effectively. The post explores how data teams can demonstrate their impact and navigate the complexities of operationalizing analytical data.
How Apache Iceberg is Built for Open Optimized Performance | 22 min | Data Engineering | Alex Merced | dremio blog
Apache Iceberg is a table format designed for data lakehouses. It offers both ACID transactions and rich metadata to enhance performance. This article explores the powerful mechanisms within Iceberg that enable query engines, such as Dremio, to optimize data queries and improve overall efficiency.
ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) Reliability at Lyft | 8 min | ML | Rachita Naik | Lyft Engineering blog
Explore the challenge of balancing speed and accuracy in Lyft's ETA predictions, using machine learning and real-time data to enhance reliability. By understanding and addressing various factors impacting ETAs, Lyft aims to provide riders with timely and dependable arrival estimates.


Why we no longer use LangChain for building our AI agents | 11 min | LLM | Fabian Both | Octomind Blog
At Octomind, the team employs AI agents with multiple LLMs to automate end-to-end tests in Playwright. In this blog post, they share their experience transitioning away from the LangChain framework due to its rigid high-level abstractions. Switching to modular building blocks simplified their codebase and significantly boosted their productivity and satisfaction.
Stream enrichment with Flink SQL | 14 min | Stream Processing | Marek Maj | GetInData | Part of Xebia Blog
In this article, Marek compares different types of joins available in the Flink SQL engine for effective and efficient stream enrichment.
Ray Infrastructure at Pinterest | 14 min | ML | Chia-Wei Chen, Raymond Lee, Alex Wang, Saurabh Vishwas Joshi, Karthik Anantha Padmanabhan, Se Won Jang | Pinterest Engineering Blog
This blog series explores Pinterest's integration of Ray to address critical business challenges. The current installment details the complexities of implementing Ray in a large-scale environment, covering the journey from initial prototypes to production readiness.


Meryem Arik on LLM Deployment, State-of-the-art RAG Apps, and Inference Architecture Stack | 38 min | LLM | Meryem Arik, Srini Penchikala | The Stack Overflow Podcast
Meryem Arik, Co-founder/CEO at TitanML, discusses innovations in Generative AI and LLMs, covering the current state of LLMs, their deployment, state-of-the-art RAG applications, and the inference architecture stack for LLM applications.


This demo showcases how RelationalAI, deeply integrated with the Snowflake Data Cloud, can uncover user behavior patterns by running powerful graph algorithms directly on your existing Snowflake data.


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